Forever Endeavor

From 2009- 2011 Tom drew a weekly cartoon for The Rapppahannock News, commenting on local, as well as national issues.  See a few more from the Rappahannock news archives here.

In 2010, Tom was selected by a panel of professional cartoonists to be one of 10 finalists for the Washington Posts‘s America’s Next Great Cartoonist Competition, and in an audience vote,  made it into the Top Five. America’s Next Great Cartoonist Contest/ Washington Post, 2010.

Stan Lee: “After carefully scrutinizing the final cartoon contest entries … I feel that — while all are humorous and imaginative — ‘Forever Endeavor’ is the cleverest and most professional looking.”

Garry Trudeau: “The world of gag panels is harsh. There are no stories, no character development, no ancillary pleasures — the laugh is everything. In this batch, there were three out of six LOL’s for me, an excellent rate of return. The manatee panel made me smile even before I decoded the punch line. The slightly retro drawing style is charming.”

character sheet for Forever Endeavor



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visual artist: painter, muralist, sculptor, illustrator, and cartoonist

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